Educational Translations

Equivalent Translations translates all types of diplomas, degree certificates, marks lists and reports from kindergarten to university from the Netherlands and abroad. We have more than 400 templates of diplomas and degree certificates so in general we can deliver quickly and at a reasonable price.

Examples of educational documents we translate:

Diplomas, degree certificates, marks lists and reports of:

Virtually all Dutch universities and universities of applied science

General educational institutions

Vocational schools

Nautical colleges

Universities abroad

Secondary education

Primary education

As well as:

Courses for higher education

Examination certificates

Examination regulations, etc.

Legal Translations

Translation of many different types of legal documents, for the courts, private persons and companies.

Examples of legal documents we translate:

Court documents

Requests for legal assistance

Arrest warrants

Witness statements

Extradition orders and requests

Immigration documents

Asylum procedures

Legal correspondence


Notices of appeal

Statements of defence

Official reports

Notices of objection



Civil-registry documents from the Netherlands and abroad: (including the US, UK, Philippines, Nigeria, India, etc.)

Notarial Translations

Translation of many different types of notarial documents for companies, translation agencies, civil-law notaries and private persons.

Examples of notarial documents we translate:

Articles of association

Certificates of inheritance

Last wills

Purchase contracts

Living wills

Prenuptial and antenuptial agreements

Cohabitation contracts

Mortgage deeds

Agreements and contracts

Terms and conditions

Divorce certificates

Partnership registrations

Technical Translations

A broad range of technical translations, including documents for the oil industry, transport, shipping, tram and train technology and other general technical translations.

Examples of technical documents we translate:

Tram technology

Train technology

Oil industry



Medical Translations

A broad range of medical translations for hospitals and (outpatient) clinics, companies, private persons, etc.

Examples of medical documents we translate:

Medical documents

Medical reports

Medical certificates

Hospital information, brochures and flyers

Documents for employee and patient portals - website

Policy documents and strategy plans


And much more…



Bank statements

Tax returns



Chamber of Commerce extracts

Minutes of meetings

Driver’s licences



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